The ultimate guide to bridal flower crowns
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The ultimate guide to bridal flower crowns

20 / Jun / 2024
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Looking to wear a bridal flower crown on your big day? Great choice! But still unsure which style to go for? Yes, not all flower crowns are the same! They all lend a romantic touch to your look but a certain style could also be playful while another might look more bohemian.

Love the idea but don’t know how to turn your style vision into a reality? Here are tips, tricks and facts about floral crowns that will help you choose the best one for your special day.

Where flower crowns came from

Flower crowns have been around since ancient civilisations. Both men and women in ancient Greece and Rome wore flower wreaths on their heads to honour gods and celebrate festivals. The accessories were worn not just for style but also as a symbol of the connection between humans and nature.

Flower crowns also play an important role in other cultures, such as in Slavic countries, where they use the accessories during midsummer festivals as a symbol of purity.

As for weddings, Queen Victoria popularised the use of flower crowns as part of bridal wear when she wore a wreath of orange blossoms for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.


Modern bridal crowns

Flower crowns continue to be a choice amongst marriers (like you!) for good reason. The style has evolved through the years and you can even personalise it to fit your liking. They’re also incredibly versatile. While some might say flower crowns are just boho, they can actually be worn to, say, a beach wedding or a garden ceremony, or even a glam wedding in a ballroom.

For inspiration on modern takes on the flower crown, you can look to Ashley Tisdale and Kat Dennings. 

Styles and types of bridal flower crowns

Full Flower Crowns

avery full flower crown by ford bridal

Full flower crowns wrap around the entire head, giving a lush and dramatic look. They work great with loose, flowing hairstyles. 

Half Flower Crowns


monaco flower crown by ford bridal

Half flower crowns or halos adorn just a portion of the head, usually the front or the side. These are great with up-dos or half up-dos.

Single Flower Accents


bonham single flowers by ford millinery

The perfect choice for minimalist brides, single flower accents are subtle and can be styled however you please. They’re great for all types of hairstyles, too, but a loose, wavy ‘do dotted with flowers is an exquisite look.

Considerations when choosing a bridal flower crown

The first thing is form. You want to zero in on the type of flower crown you want to go for. The next thing to consider is durability. It’s always a good idea to choose handmade for this because you know that utmost care is given to the production of the piece; it’s also likely to last longer than fast-fashion ones. Comfort will always be key, of course, so you have to consider this too. Choose a lightweight headpiece that you can wear well after the ceremony.

Now, it goes without saying that bridal flower crowns are not a trend; they’re more like a tradition that has stood the test of time. So embrace the timeless charm of flower crowns and make one complete your look for your most unforgettable day!