Your guide to winter wedding guest outfits
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Your guide to winter wedding guest outfits

05 / Jul / 2024
5 min read

Going to a winter wedding as a guest but don’t know what to wear yet? Don’t panic! You still have time and a lot of options to make a style statement without upstaging the bride. The key is to wear an ensemble that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

What can make your outfit stand out? Accessories! Headwear, in particular. Winter is the perfect time to play with headwear! Here are your best options for winter wedding guest outfits, punctuated by hats or headpieces.

Why choose headwear?

Headwear is the piece of accessory that can quickly elevate your outfit. For winter wedding guest outfits, a headpiece or a hat also becomes not just a stylistic addition but a more practical touch to your look.

What to consider when choosing winter wedding outfits

Warmth and comfort

We’ve all (or maybe we all know someone who has) had to ditch comfort in the name of style. Winter can be quite harsh, though, so staying comfortable is non-negotiable.

For your outfit, opt for luxurious fabrics such as velvet, wool and cashmere. These keep you warm and give an interesting texture to your look.

Consider adding a shawl, coat or scarf to the mix. These bring a glamorous touch while keeping you cosy.

Colour palette

Winter weddings often have deep, rich hues. Jewel tones like emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst are common choices. Metallics like gold and silver are also preferred.


Choose elegant yet practical footwear. Ankle boots, closed-toe heels, or stylish flats are excellent options. Ensure your shoes are comfortable enough for both the ceremony and the reception.

Headwear Options for Winter Weddings

1. The Chic Beret

woman wearing a pantsuit and beret as their winter wedding outfit

A classic beret is both fashionable and functional. Made from wool, it provides warmth while adding a touch of Parisian chic to your outfit. Choose a beret in a fun colour or with rhinestones for extra flair.

2. The Stylish Fascinator


woman wearing a floral fascinator with a purple dress

Fascinators are a popular choice for weddings. For winter, select fascinators adorned with flowers or crystals. These headpieces can be worn with both updos and loose hairstyles.

3. The Sleek Headband


woman wearing a sleek peach headband and a peach dress

For a more casual yet chic look, a sleek headband is a great choice. A minimalist headband will work great but if you prefer an embellished one, opt for something subtle.

Attending a winter wedding is, of course, a great opportunity to show your support for your family or friend for the next chapter of their lives. But it’s also a good way to showcase your style.