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Are Face Masks Mandatory in Australia?

01 / Sep / 2020
5 min read
While Victoria wraps up another day in iso due to the threat of COVID-19, new NSW clusters seem to be popping up, including recent COVID-19 cases in Randwick, the Sydney CBD and on NSW public transport. The conversation regarding mandatory face masks is ever growing. Here's what you need to know...   [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom="no" pb_border_bottom="no" width="2/3" el_position="first"] Do I have to wear a face mask in Australia?  Compulsory face mask in Australia are a state-by-state matter, so whilst there is a legal face mask mandate in Victoria (with hefty fines for breaking mask laws in Victoria), there is continuing pressure for NSW and QLD to make face masks mandatory. As of 2 August 2020, this is our understanding of mask law in Australia:   VIC If you’re in Victoria the answer is - YES - face coverings are compulsory, regardless if it’s a hot spot or not! According to the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria, "You must wear a face covering when you are leaving your home unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so." with some exceptions, including:
  • Infants or children under the age of 12 
  • If you have a medical condition like problems with breathing 
  • If you’re travelling in your car with family members
  • When doing exercise or physical activity that causes puffing (sorry, walking isn’t included)
Check out the full list of exceptions and additional mask mandate guidelines here.   NSW While the government has yet to make face masks mandatory in NSW, the Department of Health strongly recommends wearing face masks in high-risk public areas in NSW, particularly on public transport, in cafes, restaurants and places of worship.   QLD While concerns of a growing QLD COVID-19 cluster continue, Queensland Chief Health Officer, Dr. Jeannette Young, recommends wearing face masks in QLD as an additional protective measure.   SA, NT, ACT, TAS, WA Australia's Department of Health currently broadly recommend "Wearing a mask can help protect you and those around you if you are in an area with community transmission, and physical distancing is not possible, like on public transport." Further details and updates on Australia's face mask recommendations and mask mandates can be found here.   Need a mask? Help a mate while you protect yourself. We donate 5% of all fabric mask purchases to charity under our "Masks 4 Mates" community initiative. Browse 25+ styles of reusable fabric face masks here.   Stay safe, you lovely humans! FORD MILLINERY   Disclaimer: Information, advice and opinions surrounding COVID-19 and the use of masks and other PPE varies and changes frequently. The information in this blog post is based on external information that was available at the time of publishing and we encourage you to follow the most recent instructions from government and health authorities surrounding this topic.   Information regarding state government recommendations mentioned in this blog post plus local government websites to keep you updated can be found here:  [/spb_text_block] [spb_products title="REUSABLE FABRIC FACE MASKS" asset_type="selected-products" products="22656, 21356, 20956, 20957, 21358, 21355, 21336, 20953" columns="2" carousel="no" product_size="standard" item_count="8" width="1/3" el_position="last"]