Ace Spring Racing Fashion 2023 With These 5 Rules
Spring Racing Carnival

Ace Spring Racing Fashion 2023 With These 5 Rules

19 / Sep / 2023
5 min read

Figuring out Spring Racing Carnival fashion is equal parts thrilling and nerve-wracking! While the events are a great excuse to play dress-up and let your style shine, they are built on tradition. So you might be asking: what do I wear to Derby Day? Can I wear mini skirts to the races?  

FORD MILLINERY’s guide to help you ace Spring Racing Fashion 2023


5 spring racing carnival fashion rules to follow

It should come as no surprise that there are some rules to remember. The good news is many of these have been relaxed. But how do you marry your personal style with these rules? Here’s how to nail your look for Spring Racing Carnival season 2023.

Wear what you love


wear what you love

Style is all about self-expression. So while you think of the style rules for the event, make sure you don’t forget to do you. At FORD MILLINERY, we always encourage people to #WearWhatYouLove because there truly is no other way to feel more comfortable and confident than being true to what makes you feel the most you.

Bonus? One of the hottest fashion trends right now is being authentic as a human and not holding back in the fashion stakes. If you feel a joyous ping inside you that lights you up when you see a headpiece or outfit you love, she is for you… Especially if the next feeling is “no, it’s too much”... That’s just fear holding you back from your joy. Don’t hold back joy! 

Think about what you love and amplify it by 10%


think about what you love and amplify it by 10%


One of Coco Chanel’s most famous pieces of style advice is to remove one accessory before heading out the door. We’re sorry, Coco, but we’re keen to ask our friends to do the complete opposite. Spring Racing Carnival season is one of the rare events in Australia where we’re asked to go all out when it comes to fashion. So we’re definitely taking this chance to wear what we love — and more! Love hair accessories? Take the chance to pick up an embellished headband or a padded headband!

Bold is back, baby!


bold is back


Remember the rule about wearing just one bold colour in an outfit? Yeah, we’re really not about that life. When done well, a bold colour clash will make you stand out and make sense. Lime green dress and bright pink headpiece? Yes, please. Red hat and a red dress? Why not? Embrace vibrance!

Statement millinery is a must


statement millinery is a must


A statement headpiece to complete an outfit is truly the icing on the cake. Gone are the days of tiny headwear, 2023 Spring Racing Carnival fashion is all about throwing caution to the wind and celebrating everything bold! A designer headpiece is the one fashion item to make your outfit distinctly perfect for Spring Racing Carnival. You can wear a midi dress to any cocktail party, but a wide-brim dressy hat or a unique fascinator is going to make all the difference for your style this season. So make sure you grab this chance, go all out and make a statement with millinery!

Choose the outfit to suit the headpiece


choose your headpiece first


Do you start styling with a dress or a headpiece? We definitely recommend you think of millinery first! This is the one time of the year you’re encouraged to wear a fancy headpiece, so we say dive right into it. Find the headpiece that makes you catch your breath and your heart sing and start building your outfit from there! 

Now, tell us: What are your Spring Racing Carnival fashion rules?