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IMPORTANT: Please read the product description in full prior to purchasing, as it contains important health and safety information regarding COVID-19. By purchasing these products, you acknowledge, understand and agree to all information outlined below.
To help our community combat COVID-19, FORD MILLINERY has shifted 100% of our manufacturing output to producing vital PPE for our frontline healthcare heroes (in addition to lighter eco-friendly options for the wider public). These protective plastic face shields have been carefully designed with the advice from a team of doctors & healthcare workers to ensure they meet their protective needs as best as possible. However, given the urgency of production & delivery (many doctors have no protection at all as a result of the global shortage of PPE), these face shields have not yet undergone any clinical testing to determine their protective capabilities or limitations against COVID-19 or other hazards and we therefore can make no formal or scientific claims surrounding this. We are currently working with the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and Department of Health for guidance on this matter. In the interim, we encourage you to carefully review the materials to determine whether or not this item is suitable for your specific needs.
  • -Durable clear plastic face shield, designed to be reusable (please refer to cleaning information below).
  • -Carefully designed to sit away from the face to allow for glasses, facial features, masks and other bulky PPE.
  • -Adjustable elastic strap at rear is designed for a comfortable and snug fit.
  • -One size fits all (designed to fit adult head circumferences between 52cm-65cm).
  • -Shield Dimensions: Approx. 27cm wide x 30 cm tall.
  • -Clear Shield Material: Durable 0.75mm PETG plastic.
  • -Front Strap Material: 0.8mm Polypropylene.
  • -Adjustable elastic strap at rear (70% polyester, 30% rubber), with durable plastic sliders.
  • -FORD MILLINERY’s plastic face shields are designed to allow doctors, ENT and other healthcare workers to treat patients with an added precautionary barrier to protect eyes, nose, mouth and face. The use of other appropriate PPE (such as face masks, gloves etc) in conjunction with these shields is encouraged.
  • -Our plastic face shields were designed according to requirements from doctors, however they have not yet been tested as protection against COVID-19 or any other communicable diseases. We are currently speaking with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Department of Health regarding getting these tested under their restrictions.
  • -These face shields are designed to be reusable, however they have not yet been tested under any sterilisation methods and as such we do not recommend heat sterilisation such as an autoclave. We have been advised by a healthcare worker that an effective method of cleaning is spraying a clean cloth with disinfectant and wiping down the shield. It has been suggested that spraying directly onto the shield may cause particles to disperse. (Again, this method has not been clinically tested or proven, so this cleaning method is a suggestion only.)
  • -Face shields are designed for adult use only.
    • -FORD MILLINERY Plastic Face Shields are made in our studio in Sydney, Australia, under strict hygienic processes in line with recommended COVID-19 prevention guidelines.
    • -The components of each face shield are sourced from various locations in Australia (including Sydney and Melbourne), from locations that follow strict COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations.
    • -Manufacturing materials and tools are santised regularly.
    • -Our plastic face shields are delivered together, i.e. not individually wrapped. We recommend sanitising each shield prior to wear.
    • -We trust that Australia Post have taken all precautionary measures to ensure a safe delivery.
    • -These masks are made of 0.75mm PET plastic and will provide a barrier between you and others, but as they have not yet been clinically tested, we can make no claims of their protection against COVID-19 or any other communicable diseases.
    • -Even if you are wearing a shield, you are still at risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 and best practice is to stay at home wherever possible (government advice as at 24th March 2020).
    • -To reduce the risks of contamination, we advise against the sharing of PPE.
    • -All COVID-19 guidelines and rules outlined by the Australian government and health authorities should be maintained at all times whilst this face shield is in use.
    • -Due to hygienic reasons, plastic face shields can not be returned or exchanged for any reason.
    • -By purchasing a face shield from FORD MILLINERY, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to all of the above (including the fact that these shields not a proven protection from COVID-19 or other health dangers) and take full responsibility for your own health and safety (and that of others) regarding COVID-19 and other hazardous exposure. You acknowledge that FORD MILLINERY takes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused as a result of your purchase and you indemnify FORD MILLINERY for all loss suffered by you or others as a result of your purchase.
If you are treating patients COVID-19 and are in need of face shields but do not have funding in order to purchase them, please contact us directly at and we can discuss options in terms of our “MASKS 4 MATES” program. Photo credit: Guillaume Gros