With labels like Christian Dior leading the way (check out their Cruise '21 collection - to die for!), we see a stunning mix of "Wild, Wild, West" meets runway trending over the 2021 Spring Racing Carnival. Dresses and tops with balloon sleeves and ruffles team beautifully with androgynous hat shapes like straw fedoras & shallow flat top dressy boaters. This season, team the raw masculinity of Clint Eastwood with feminine details, such as embroidery, ruffled ribbon ties and lace. Experiment with "cutsie" under-the-chin ties, slouch a wide-brim hat around your neck (hanging off the back) or let the trim hang untied. Headpieces also follow this trend, such as country-western-esque bows. Moral of the "FEMME FRONTIER" story? Wide brim, ruffles, cute detail.


Hair accessories like padded headbands & hair clips have planted themselves well and truly into casual day-to-day territory, so avoid temptation to go casual hair accessories for race days (come on, sister… you can do better than that!) Spring Racing is that ONE time of year to step beyond the standard day-to-day look and instead wear (and bea little extra… And 2019 is no exception! Keep the casual hair accessories at home and instead, opt for an embellished padded headband for added bling factor.


Long gone are the days of the prissy tiara or tiny token headpiece… The 2019 Spring Racing trend is all about being absolutely fabulous with no second guesses! Statement headpieces of all kinds are in, in, in… If you’re going cute, you’re going really cute… If you’re going fierce, you’re going really fierce. This season, spell out your vibe (short of going “costume”, please!). Statement, bold colours, sleek shapes and not too much detail to distract from your head-to-toe look. If ever we have seen an “anything goes and EVERY woman can get away with ANYTHING they love”, it is 2019 Spring Racing Carnival! (Go for it, girlfriend!)