Ilana Scaltrito on finding your unique wedding style
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Ilana Scaltrito on finding your unique wedding style

23 / Feb / 2024
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Planning the wedding of your dreams? It’s exciting to do everything from scratch, but it can also be quite daunting thinking about every single detail that will make up your most special day. What you need is a little perspective! Take notes from an expert —  a bride who planned every aspect of her wedding.

We had a chat with Ilana Scaltrito about what it’s like to find her unique bridal style and how important it is to pay attention to every aspect of her wedding, including her bridal headpiece.


Ilana Scaltrito Wedding

What inspired the theme or style of your wedding?

“My inspiration was primarily Baroque-inspired, with a contemporary twist. I just love the ornate and elaborate detail from this era. During the ceremony we played traditional music by Bach, my husband’s tux lapel featured an ornate gold and red stone cross by Dolce and Gabbana, our stationary was printed on handmade paper, the table centrepieces were dripping with artichokes, figs, and grapes and my dress was embellished with tones of silver and light gold. All respectful nods to a dramatic period in time.”

Share a memorable or unique aspect of your wedding planning process.

“I think the most memorable part of the planning process is working with the suppliers to create something customised for the big day. I really loved every one-on-one experience, it meant we were all working towards a common goal to create something unique. 

I recall Chantelle Ford (designer of FORD MILLINERY and Ford Bridal) calling me to discuss our many options and being so excited to work with me on this. It was really reassuring to hear her passion and it made the process relaxing and stress-free.”

How did you personalise your wedding to make it uniquely yours?

“I feel the majority of our wedding was personalised as we were insanely involved in every detail to ensure it represented us and our style. Both our looks were entirely customised. My husband is very detail-orientated which is really useful when planning a wedding, nothing is overlooked and everything in the end turns out exactly how you imagined.”


Ilana Scaltrito Wedding Headpiece

Tell us about your outfit, particularly your headpiece. 

“From bottom to top, I wore embellished Christian Louboutin pumps, a custom Steven Khalil gown that featured dramatic embellished bishop sleeves and finally, a custom headband and veil by FORD MILLINERY. It was two pieces, a veil that sat flush under a padded headband (adorned with the same embellishment from the sleeves of my dress). It was the perfect combination of classic and trendy.”

Tell us about a special tradition or ritual incorporated into your wedding.

“We got married in a Catholic Church but were very fortunate to have our rings blessed by a Coptic Bishop and feature the Orthodox crowning ceremony, not entirely practical with my headpiece but very beautiful and unique for all the guests to witness.” 

(Editor’s note: The Orthodox crowning ceremony involves two crowns joined by a white ribbon. These crowns are placed on the couple’s heads while they face the altar. The crowns are swapped between the couple three times. This symbolises the couple’s unity. The crowns are meant to stay with the couple forever.)


Ilana Scaltrito Wedding

What was the most fun part of your wedding planning and your actual wedding day?

“Although it was outrageously nerve-racking, walking down the aisle was such a powerful part of the day. I recall feeling a million emotions, but it was such a special and intense few minutes with my dad, guests, and future husband!”

What advice do you have for other brides-to-be based on your experience?

“There is no shame in being a slight control freak, it is very relaxing being organised; it really enabled me to enjoy the process and the day!”

*All images courtesy of Ilana Scaltrito and @imagehausweddings