Why White Fascinators Are Perfect for Special Events
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Why White Fascinators Are Perfect for Special Events

14 / Jun / 2024
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White fascinators are a classic choice for the races and beyond — from weddings to other formal gatherings. For good reason of course. They’re chic and elegant. They continue to be a popular choice amongst fashion lovers and we foresee them being a staple for more decades to come. If you’re unsure about whether or not to wear a white fascinator for your next special event, here are things that will help you decide to go for it.

White fascinators in the past

First, let’s learn about them! Fascinators have been around since the 17th century. They were used as elaborate accessories by European aristocracy. The fascinators we see and enjoy wearing today have evolved from those and were popularised by the British royals. We’re sure you’ve seen them wearing these headpieces during weddings or when they attend events like the Royal Ascot.

As far as white fascinators go, they’re a popular choice for weddings but there are some other events, such as Derby Day at the races, that require them. They lend an understated glamour that’s just hard to resist.

Why you’ll love wearing white fascinators

White fascinators are great because they’re incredibly versatile; they can complement a wide range of outfits for different occasions. They can be paired with both neutrals and brights. They’re also very elegant and timeless. While some colours may be trendy for a certain period of time, white will continue to be a classic choice and never fade out of style (a.k.a. You can re-wear your piece again and again and again)!

Choosing the perfect white fascinator

Here are some things you may want to note before diving in and getting your fascinator.


This is important, of course, because some styles may be better for other occasions. For instance, you may want to wear a more elaborate piece for a bigger race day event. If it’s a more casual occasion, you may want something smaller, which can also be worn for other occasions.


Choose a fascinator that will work well with your hairstyle. Smaller fascinators typically work well with updos, while bigger fascinators go perfectly with loose waves or long, straight hair.

Style and comfort

The most important things to consider, if you ask us. Make sure it goes with your style so you feel at ease and confident while wearing your white fascinator. The way it sits on your head is important too — nobody likes to fuss with their outfits all the time.

White fascinator options

ford millinery kanda white fascinator


ford millinery poppy white fascinator


ford millinery rogue princess white fascinator


ford millinery cruella de vil white fascinator


ford millinery lolita white fascinator

How to care for white fascinators

Got a fascinator you love? Make sure it stays in tip-top shape with the help of these tips.


Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use a hat box or a box big enough to place it in so it doesn’t gather dust and don’t get deformed.


Did it get stained? Gently spot clean with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid soaking or immersing in water.


Make sure you always handle it with clean hands to prevent makeup or anything else from staining the fabric.

White fascinators are more than just accessories; they are statements of elegance, tradition, and style. Whether attending a formal event or a high-society gathering, a well-chosen white fascinator can elevate your outfit and make you stand out.