How to Rock the Pink Headband
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How to Rock the Pink Headband

08 / Jan / 2024
5 min read

Barbie’s not the only one who thinks pink headbands are awesome! We know they’re amazing accessories — and we have a feeling that you do too. We mean, why wouldn’t we? They’re not only cute but also incredibly powerful in elevating any outfit. 

The Rise of Pink Headbands

Celebrities such as Emma Watson, Zendaya and Taylor Swift all seem to agree with us since they’ve been spotted wearing the accessory at events. 

Plus, according to a recent fashion industry report by TrendWatch, searches for "pink headbands" have seen a remarkable 30% increase in the last year alone. Meanwhile, Instagram has witnessed a 40% rise in posts featuring this accessory, accompanied by various hashtags such as #PrettyInPink and #HeadbandStyle. Pink power, let’s go!

3 Ways to Style Pink Headbands

Now, we know you like the look of pink headbands. But if you’re having a bit of trouble figuring out how to put them in your style rotation, here are some ways to rock it.

She’s a classic

monica hot pink headband

Monochrome, meet pink. Pair your headband with a neutral monochrome outfit for a pop of colour that’s still super sophisticated. White on white, black on black — and poof! A nice glam surprise.

Corporate chick

quinn light pink headband

Spice up your office attire with a pink headband! It gives an otherwise serious look a pop of freshness, which is so welcome when you’re hustling and bustling. 

Casual chic

rachel headband fluoro pink velvet

A white shirt and jeans? That’s a classic. A white shirt and jeans with a pink headband? That’s casual chic. Wear it to a weekend soiree or a coffee run.

Ready to rock your pink headband? We are too!