Caulfield Cup 2023 Fashion: Bold but Balanced

Caulfield Cup 2023 Fashion: Bold but Balanced

18 / Oct / 2023
5 min read

Caulfield Cup 2023 is just around the corner! On top of celebrating a day out with friends, it’s also the perfect opportunity to celebrate personal style. Whether you’re a seasoned racegoer or a first-timer, here’s your guide to making a statement and turning heads with your outfit at the 2023 Caulfield Cup.

Embrace elegance but don’t be afraid to be bold


millinery designer chantelle ford at the caulfield cup

Racewear expert and FORD MILLINERY Creative Director Chantelle Ford at the Caulfield Cup

The Spring Racing Carnival season is synonymous with sophistication. Opt for elegant pieces for your outfit. Chic dresses never go out of style. Jumpsuits and suits are also welcome. But the The Melbourne Racing Club also asks ‘Ready to re-wild yourself’? We think the answer to that is going bold. Don’t you?

This year at the Caulfield Guineas, many fashionistas opted for colour blocks. Designer and stylist Lana Wilkinson wore a white number paired with black accents, while influencer Sneza Jovanovic picked pink and purple for her ensemble.

It’s also the best time to have fun with colours, patterns, textures and more! Caulfield Cup doesn’t really have a very strict colour dress code, so take it as your chance to go all out in the style department by experimenting with colour clashing and print-on-print.

Headwear is a must

What sets dressing up for Spring Racing apart from any other occasion is headwear. When else are you encouraged to go all out and wear a headpiece? This is your chance, darling. Take it! 

Wearing a headpiece or fascinator is still a must at the Caulfield Cup 2023. At Caulfield Guineas we saw a bunch of different pieces that suit different styles. There were wide-brim hats (as seen on Sneza and more) and there were also lots of embellished headbands (as seen on TV presenter Grace Hayden and more). An embellished bow (as seen on Lana), a more minimalist but nonetheless chic option, was also abundant.

caulfield cup 2023 fashion tip heapdiece

"SPANGLE" wide-brim hat (add to cart here), "AKIRA" embellished headband (add to cart here), "CALAMITY" bow in red (add to cart here)

When choosing a headpiece for Caulfield Cup Thousand or other events at the Caulfield Cup Carnival — whether it’s a wide-brimmed hat or an embellished headband — choose millinery that complements your outfit. Embrace bold shapes, vibrant colours and practical but fun designs!

If you’re unsure of how to go about it, we have a FREE styling service you can take advantage of! Our Creative Director, racewear expert Chantelle Ford, and our team of styling experts will be here to guide you to your perfect headpiece for the season.

Dress for the weather

We’re sure you’ve been thinking about this too. Whether you’re attending the Caulfield Spring Finale or other events during the Carnival, it’s best to check out the weather forecast. But a straw hat or a wide-brim hat will come in handy no matter the temperatures on that day!  Worried it’ll be windy? Our hats are designed to stay nicely on your noggin’.

Make a statement with your style

 caulfield cup 2023 headwear

"POPPY" fascinator (add to cart here), "FRONTIER" straw hat (add to cart here), "FRIDA" flower crown (add to cart here)

We can’t reiterate this enough: The Caulfield Cup (and the rest of the Spring Racing Carnival season) is your chance to truly let your style shine! This season is all about making a statement. You’re prepping for a memorable time! Why not make your outfit memorable too?