The Best Hats for People With Round Faces: Flattering Styles for Every Occasion
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The Best Hats for People With Round Faces: Flattering Styles for Every Occasion

13 / Mar / 2024
5 min read

If you have a round face shape and are looking for the perfect hat to complement your features, you’ve come to the right place. Keep in mind that these picks are not meant to be your only choices! These will definitely enhance your features but you know we’re all about encouraging you to #WearWhatYouLove! So if you have a hat in mind that you truly like, definitely rock it. But if you feel like you need just a little bit of guidance, here are the best hat styles for those with round faces.

Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat


hats for round faces - wide-brimmed hats

From top to bottom: "BETSY BOATER HAT" (add to cart here); "JESSIE" (add to cart here); "CUBA" (add to cart here)

A wide-brimmed sun hat not only offers excellent sun protection but also provides a flattering frame for round faces. The broad brim draws attention upward, adds height and provides balance to your features. Choose a lightweight material for comfort during sunny days.


The classic fedora is a sophisticated choice for any outfit. With its slightly wider brim and structured crown, a fedora helps provide lines that balance roundness.

Cloche Hat

The cloche hat, with its close-fitting, bell-shaped design, is an excellent choice for round-faced individuals. It sits low on the forehead, creating a sleek silhouette that complements the softer curves of a round face. Pair it with a vest for a timeless look.



hats for round faces - berets

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Embrace a touch of Parisian flair with a beret. This hat style sits flatteringly on the head and slightly to the side, which harmonises well with a round face. It's a stylish option that adds a sophisticated touch to any ensemble.

Baseball Cap with a Slight Tilt

For a casual and sporty vibe, a baseball cap worn at a slight tilt can work wonders for round faces. The angle of the cap adds visual interest and complements the roundness of the face.

When choosing hats for a round face, the key is to create balance and play with proportions. Experiment with these styles to discover the one that best suits your features and enhances your overall style.