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Kate Miller-Heidke's Eurovision Crown designed by FORD MILLLINERY

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Kate Miller-Heidke’s astonishing performance at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv (Israel) has trended around the globe, and we are BESIDE OURSELVES with excitement and honoured to be right there with her on stage, with our FORD MILLINERY headpiece sitting on that talented pretty head of hers! Owner & Designer of FORD MILLINERY, Chantelle Ford, designed and hand-crafted the iconic spiky silver headpiece that has now become Kate’s signature look for Eurovision… A look that has seen fans as far as Russia, Canada, Poland, France & beyond hand-making replicas of our crown to show their support for Kate’s win! 190-million viewers? All we can say is, “wow”.

With the fashion-focused folk around the globe asking “Who made Kate Miller-Heidke’s Eurovision crown?”, we are thrilled to give you (our beloved inner circle!) a detailed V.I.P insight behind FORD MILLINERY’s creation of what has now become one of Eurovision’s most iconic headpieces of recent times. (Again, “wow”)…

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One of the most beautiful aspects of the Eurovision Song Contest is that it brings people together, from a vast spread of diverse backgrounds and geographic locations. We are absolutely gobsmacked to see our crown go viral on social media, with fans across the globe making D.I.Y replicas of our design to show their support of Kate Miller-Heidke! Fans from Russia, France, Australia, Canada, Poland and beyond are trying their hand in millinery using zip-ties, pipe-cleaners and glitter to recreate Kate’s iconic Eurovision look. Cats, dogs, children, families, men and skeletons alike are getting involved, and there is even an interpretive dance or two! Some of the most heart-warming creations have been from children sketching Kate in her FORD MILLINERY crown and beautiful Steven Khalil gown. Never did we ever expect to be connected to the world in such a fashion… What an incredible honour! x To show your support, upload your D.I.Y creation with #KatesCrown and tag @FORDMILLINERY so we can share your work! 🙂


FORD MILLINERY’s Chantelle Ford designed Kate Miller-Heidke’s Eurovision crown to complement the breathtaking gown that was designed by Australia’s legendary designer, Steven Khalil (who has dressed the likes of Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and endless others). Kate’s head-to-toe look was styled by Australian stylist, Maia Liakos, who briefed us on the creative direction of Kate’s performance of her song, Zero Gravity. The song itself tackles a very personal journey of Kate’s battle with depression, and the “rising above” such a challenge. There was to be a strength and a lightness, a somewhat heavenly feel with an intergalactic touch. It was important that viewers could make the visual connection between Kate’s “Australia Decides” performance and the Tel Aviv outfits, however we wanted to achieve an elevated couture look for the all-important Eurovision finals in Tel Aviv.



How does it feel seeing people all over the world recreating your headpiece?

“It’s heart-warming to see such joy & participation in Kate’s Eurovision performance, and I am truly moved to see my design come to life in such a way… I never imagined a child in Russia would be inspired to recreate my design and dance around her bedroom miming Kate’s song! It’s an incredibly inclusive event and I am truly honoured to be a part of it all!”


How long did it take you to make Kate’s Eurovision headpiece?

“The actual headpiece took me upwards of 50 hours to design and hand-craft. I’m starting to think I should have turned to some Eurovision fans for some quick zip-tie and pipe-cleaner advice!”


What consideration went behind the spike layout/shape?

“When creating any spiky headpiece, it is easy to look ‘Statue of Liberty’ or too D.I.Y. The layout of the spikes on Kate’s headpiece was very deliberate, tapering on the sides to create more of a iconographic or religious feel, which was also accentuated with the inner halo. To elevate the overall look, I added dimension through different textures for each alternating spike, and scattered two layers of spikes to give the illusion of an outwards movement or starburst, keeping in mind that Kate’s performance revolved heavily around movement.”

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What challenges did you experience along the way?

“One of the biggest challenges behind the headpiece was securing the spikes in a way that was still flexible enough for Kate to open the base of the headband to fit her head. To get around this challenge, I created a somewhat ‘breathable’ system with elastic, so that the spikes are mostly secure and will keep their position, but could flex enough to be worn.”


Kate has an acrobatic performance… How did you make sure the headpiece would stay on her head?

“This was one of the most nerve-wracking elements of creating the headpiece, so I went over-the-top in terms of ensuring my headpiece would stay on Kate’s head! I used a metallic hair-comb (with teeth), hat-elastic to hide under the hairline and loops along the base of the headband for the hair stylist to weave some of Kate’s hair through the crown for added security.”


Best advice for people making D.I.Y replica crowns at home?

“Unless you want to sparkle for the next 3-months (and I’m talking face, hair, floor, food, phone) AVOID GLITTER! …It is very difficult to win a serious argument when you resemble a disco ball!”


Your signature architectural style is featured on Kate’s crown… How do you make that?

“Many people assume this must be machine made, but my signature architectural pieces are all hand-crafted by me using a blade and a paper-thin synthetic material. At points of the creation I cut right through the material, and at points I need to ensure I score the material only (not cut it), which requires a to of concentration and care. I once had to get stitches so I now wear protective gloves religiously!”


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