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MASKS 4 MATES (purple executive)

MASKS 4 MATES (purple executive)
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Print: Purple executive

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** For every fabric face mask purchased under our “Masks 4 Mates” initiative, FORD MILLINERY will donate 5% of every sale to a mate/charity in need (see our FAQs for further details). We made the shift to a monetary donation (previously we donated physical face masks) based on charity requests to overcome logistical issues (money is much quicker and more cost-effective to allocate) and also due to our own physical limitations that come with mask mandates rolling out across the country. We are working around the clock and rapidly increasing our workforce to help protect as many Australians as possible – but there is a limit to the number of masks we can physically produce each day (especially given that we manufacture in Australia, by hand). It is important to us that we genuinely make a difference to our community, and we believe a monetary donation will yield the best possible outcome for our mates as quickly as possible during the nightmare that is COVID-19. We are so touched by your support of FORD MILLINERY’s “Masks 4 Mates” initiative, and so warmed by how well received the initiative has been from our mates – especially as we make this change. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank-you for empowering us to help improve the lives of those less fortunate, on your behalf. Thank-you. x

Further details…

In light of what’s happening around the world, small businesses everywhere are trying to figure out how they can not only weather the storm, but also how they can help the wider community. Our incredible healthcare & essential grocery / delivery / social workers continue to put themselves at risk for each of us, as they face uncertainty amidst a global shortage of medical grade face masks. As those vital masks become available, we support priority access to these angels and want to offer an alternative to folks who aren’t necessarily on the frontline. To lighten the load, to help keep Australians in work and to support your efforts to get this beast under control, we have created some eco-friendly fabric face masks in a variety of designs and colours as a small measure to help reduce the risk of spread. Our washable & reusable fabric masks are in no way a replacement for medical grade masks (and have not been tested or proven to protect against bio-hazards such as COVID-19)… Instead they are a fun, fashionable reminder to keep your hands away from your face and serve as a little added precaution when you’re out of self-isolation for the essentials (similar to coughing into a tissue and maintaining social distancing). They’re also a great cover to jazz-up a medical mask if you already have one! Our “Masks 4 Mates” are designed with love by our small team who want to help brighten your day even in the smallest way… And in return, your purchase will provide work for us (and hopefully open the door for others who have recently found themselves out of work). Why “Masks 4 Mates”? You. Us. Them.


  • -To further reduce the risk of contamination, please hot wash your mask before wear & hot iron (under a cloth if possible, to avoid pattern fading).
  • -Reversible (two designs for one!)
  • -100% cotton (2-ply), in a variety of prints and colours.
  • -Machine washable & reusable.
  • -Pleated for a more comfortable wear.
  • -Designed for a reasonably snug fit, however, as these are not medical grade masks, a very tight seal should not be expected.
  • -Please note: You are able to choose the “front” side of the mask, however due to supply limitations caused by COVID-19 the reverse side and elastic colour might not be as pictured on the product page.

PRODUCT SIZING: (please note due to material availability, some sizes may not be available in certain prints)

  • We recommend measuring from behind one ear, across the mouth and behind the other ear and comparing that measurement to the width measurement listed below to get an idea of best fit, as these masks are not-returnable for hygienic reasons.
  • -Small: Typically fits children (approximately 29-30cm wide by 11.5cm tall)
  • -Medium: Typically fits average woman (approximately 35-36cm wide by 14cm tall)
  • -Large: Typically fits average man (approximately 39-40cm wide by 18cm tall)
By purchasing a “Masks 4 Mates” face mask from FORD MILLINERY, you acknowledge that we will use our sole discretion to decide how the 5% monetary donation will be distributed (obviously to a legitimate registered Australian charity!). We have had many in-depth conversations with a vast array of charities about what kind of assistance they need at this time, including UNICEF, Make-A-Wish, CARE, Red Cross, World Vision, WWF, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Rotary and more. At this stage we plan to distribute the donations across a variety of charity beneficiaries. We welcome you to suggest a mate/charity to us, however please note the donation recipient can not allocated by you. We thank-you for allowing us to help improve lives on your behalf! x


  • -You will receive one fabric “Masks 4 Mates” face mask.
  • -FORD MILLINERY “Masks 4 Mates” are handmade in our studio in Sydney, Australia under strict hygienic processes in line with recommended COVID-19 prevention guidelines.
  • -Currently there are two staff in our studio only, maintining the required 4m2 distance and regularly sanitising our hands and equipment. Outside of the studio, we stay home, maintaining social distancing. We have a collection of seamstresses set-up with sewing machines at home in self-isolation who follow the very strict health practices that FORD MILLINERY follows.
  • -Materials and tools are santised regularly.
  • -Upon completion, masks are hot-ironed (over 100+ degrees celcius) to further reduce the risk of contamination.
  • -Santised masks are then placed in recycled plastic wrap and placed in a shipping envelope.
  • -We trust that Australia Post have taken all precautionary measures to ensure a safe delivery.
  • -As soon as you receive your mask, please hot wash it and hot iron (under a cloth if possible, to reduce the risk of fabric fade) to further reduce the risk of contamination.
  • -After each use, we recommend you to wash and iron your mask to reduce risk of contamination.


  • -IMPORTANT NOTICE: These face masks are NOT medical grade and are NOT tested to protect from COVID-19 or to be worn as protection around known COVID-19 patients.
  • -These masks are made of 2-ply printed 100% cotton with elastic ear loops. These masks do not contain a filter.
  • -Please follow all government instructions regarding social distancing practices (and other guidelines as they arise) during this time. Even if you are wearing a mask, you are still at risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 and best practice is to stay at home wherever possible (government advice as at 24th March 2020).
  • -Please machine wash your mask once you have received and after every use to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • -Persons with breathing difficulty or other respiratory conditions are advised to seek professional medical advice regarding the suitability of these masks. If you experience breathing difficulties while wearing a mask, we suggest removing the mask if you feel it is safer to do so and seek medical advice if deemed necessary.
  • -Face masks should not be shared.
  • -Due to hygienic reasons, “Masks 4 Mates” face masks can not be returned or exchanged for any reason.
  • -By purchasing a mask from FORD MILLINERY, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to all of the above (including the fact that these masks are a fashionable small precautionary measure only and not a proven protection from COVID-19 or other health dangers) and take full responsibility for your own health and safety (and that of others) regarding COVID-19 and other hazardous exposure. You acknowledge that FORD MILLINERY takes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused as a result of your purchase and you indemnify FORD MILLINERY for all loss suffered as a result of your purchase.

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Purple executive

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