In early March 2020, FORD MILLINERY quickly pivoted to help frontline workers overcome a global shortage of PPE amidst a global pandemic. Since then, FORD MILLINERY has helped tens of thousands of Australians, charities and frontline workers combat COVID-19 with our 100% Australian-made PPE including our full face plastic face shields and reusable fabric face masks. Through our “Masks 4 Mates” Community Initiative, we are honoured to have already donated thousands of masks (and now 5% of your mask purchase) to a mate/charity in need. All of this has empowered us to:

1.  Support our vulnerable via charity donations

2.  Survive as a small business

3.  Keep our team in work

4.  Employ dozens more talented Australians

5.  Help slow the spread of COVID-19

6.  Support local business (100% local materials)

Thank-you for supporting your local community when it matters most.


Should I get a Plastic Face Shield or a Fabric Face Mask?

There is currently a global shortage of adequate PPE (personal protective equipment) for our frontline healthcare workers, as they continue to treat patients. To help, we have designed and manufactured full face plastic shields for medical professionals as an added barrier and additional precaution against splash/droplets when treating patients. To ease the global demand of this vital PPE, we designed our fabric face masks for the wider community as a lighter eco-friendly option when ducking to the shops for the essentials. Our healthcare workers are at far greater risk than the general public, which is reflected in the variety of PPE we offer and we invite you to consider your own needs to determine which PPE may be most suited to your specific needs. Please read all product details prior to purchase, as they contain important health  safety information regarding COVID-19.

What is MASKS 4 MATES?

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** For every fabric face mask purchased under our “Masks 4 Mates” initiative, FORD MILLINERY will donate 5% of every sale to a mate/charity in need.We made the shift to a monetary donation (previously we donated physical face masks) based on charity requests to overcome logistical issues (money is much quicker and more cost-effective to allocate) and also due to our own physical limitations that come with mask mandates rolling out across the country. We are a small team achieving huge things right now – working around the clock – but the reality is there are only so many masks we can make each day. We have more than quadrupled our workforce to make as many masks as possible to help protect as many Australians (and mates!) as possible… And we still have a backlog. It is important to us that we genuinely make a difference to our community, and we believe a monetary donation is the quickest and most effective method to assist our mates as quickly as possible during the nightmare that is COVID-19. We are so touched by your support of FORD MILLINERY’s “Masks 4 Mates” initiative, and so warmed by how well received the initiative has been from our mates. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank-you for empowering us to help improve the lives of those less fortunate, on your behalf. Thank-you. x

Further information…

In light of what’s happening around the world, small businesses everywhere are trying to figure out how they can not only weather the storm, but also how they can help the wider community. Our incredible healthcare & essential grocery / delivery / social workers continue to put themselves at risk for each of us, as they face uncertainty amidst a global shortage of medical grade face masks. As those vital masks become available, we support priority access to these angels and want to offer an alternative to folks who aren’t necessarily on the frontline. To lighten the load, to help keep Australians in work and to support your efforts to get this beast under control, we have created some eco-friendly fabric face masks in a variety of designs and colours as a small measure to help reduce the risk of spread. Our washable & reusable fabric masks are in no way a replacement for medical grade masks (and have not been tested or proven to protect against bio-hazards such as COVID-19)… Instead they are a fun, fashionable reminder to keep your hands away from your face and serve as a little added precaution when you’re out of self-isolation for the essentials (similar to coughing into a tissue and maintaining social distancing). They’re also a great cover to jazz-up a medical mask if you already have one! Our “Masks 4 Mates” are designed with love by our small team who want to help brighten your day even in the smallest way… And in return, your purchase will provide work for us (and also open the door for others who have recently found themselves out of work).Why “Masks 4 Mates”? You. Us. Them.

Please read the product description in full before purchasing, as it details important health information regarding COVID-19. Media enquiries to media@fordmillinery.com.au.

How does MASKS 4 MATES help the community?

  1. Ease global shortage of PPE: Our frontline desperately need all medical grade PPE. Our masks are an eco-friendly lighter alternative for the wider public who want a little added precaution without taking vital equipment away from those who need it most.
  2. Protect doctors, nurses and other health care professionals: Providing face shields for healthcare professionals and helping to flatten the curve.
  3. Protect the buyer: Reminder to not touch their face and an added layer(s) of protection when in public.
  4. Protect those around the buyer.
  5. Help a charity improve the lives of others. (5% of your purchase will be donated to a mate in need).
  6. Support a local business: Our biggest stockist, MYER, closed. They returned a huge order that we already manufactured (paid for). Autumn & Winter Racing is cancelled, weddings mostly cancelled, no online shoppers and Spring Racing Carnival unlikely to go ahead. We went from “our best year yet” to “99% loss of income” in the blink of an eye.
  7. Keep our workforce employed, inspired and motivated! 🙂
  8. Employ the unemployed: So far, FORD MILLINERY has been able to provide ongoing work to over 30 individuals who had recently found themselves out of work… Our new team of AMAZING women include experts from Sass & Bide, Rebecca Valance, David Lawrence and beyond. What an honour to band together such women during this time!
  9. Relieve pressure on Australian economy / tax-payers: Keeping an Australian business open and it’s staff off welfare payments.
  10. Spread joy, not virus! Happy, fun designs amongst a sea of clinical face masks and the knowledge that you’ve done something good!