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Hello, gorgeous!

Being the busiest time of year for Ford Millinery, the quickest answer to your question may lay in the below frequently asked questions, which include details regaing tracking numbers and shipping. Please kindly check our FAQs before emailing us, as we want to you to be equipped with knowledge as soon as possible! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please scroll to the bottom of  the page for contact details. x




“I’m a stylist / celeb / editor / media person and I love your hats!”

Please direct press enquiries to


“Where are you stocked?”

We are stocked in David Jones stores all around Australia, plus in some lovely boutiques also, such as The Eternal Headonist (VIC), Zachary (VIC), RAW BTQ (WA) and more. Please note, each store may have a different selection of For Millinery headpieces, so we encourage you to call ahead to make sure they have what you crave.


“I want to try on your ‘XYZ’ hat… Can you tell me who stocks it?”

There is no quick answer for this, as our stockists often stock different items… You can email this question to us at, however during peak season your quickest response may be picking up that phone and calling our stockists directly. They should be able to search via item name & colour.


“The David Jones website only shows a couple of your hats. Bummer – I wanted to buy one of your other styles from them.”

It seems David Jones have not uploaded all of the 50+ Ford Millinery styles they stock, so we encourage you to bowl on in there and have a little look (and try)!


“I really love your ‘ice-cream’ hat… But can you do it with vanilla sprinkles instead of chocolate?” ; )

We would love to hand-craft you an entirely custom-made or even slightly tweaked headpiece, however if you are asking just a few weeks before Spring Racing, the answer is a loving “heck no, sister!”. Being our busiest time of year – and knowing that our lovely ladies want their hats ASAP – we are all organised and have already made/delivered our goodies to our distribution house. If you’d like something tweaked or custom for any time after 30th November, feel free to email us at


“It’s been 2 business days and I have not yet received a tracking number.”

Please email, quoting your Order Number and full name. We will get straight onto it for you!


“I still haven’t received my parcel – HELP!”

Have you got your tracking number? Head to (or to the relevant courier service provider’s website), punch in your tracking number and all shall [hopefully] be revealed. If something doesn’t look right with the location or delivery timeframe of your parcel, the quickest route to solving the problem is to contact Australia Post directly on 137678 (or the courier service provider). Once we have shipped your parcel, the postage/courier service provider assumes responsibility for the timely delivery of your parcel – as much as this PAINS us – there is unfortunately not a lot of control we have over the powers of the post. to and sometimes there is limited information they can share with us as the sender.


“I LOVE the headpiece, but my dress is a slightly different red – can I swap it?”

Colours can be tricky to match online, so we encourage you to shop with our stockists where possible so you get exactly what you’re after. Sometimes we are feeling all warm and fuzzy and can allow exchanges for change-of-mind, but during our peak season (October-November) we are tooooo hectic to be warm and fuzzy. That is, we can’t offer exchanges or credits for change of mind.


“I know Ford Millinery isn’t open to the public, but can you bend the rules for me just this once so I can pick my hat up from you? I need it tomorrow! Pretty please?”

It just so happens we love you all equally. So, no. ; ) We are a working hands-on studio /manufacturer and there are lots of fun things to hurt yourself on… Scorching steamers, hot glue guns, hot irons, pins & needles and most scarily Chantelle Ford’s incredibly sharp wit. We love you too much to put you through ANY of that (you hear that, Chantelle?).


“I didn’t receive an order confirmation? Did my order come through?”

To ensure the best security for you, our shopping cart will time-out after a certain period of time – if you’ve entered your payment details but left your computer for some time (for example). If you’re not sure whether or not we received your order, firstly please check your account (e.g Afterpay, Paypal, credit or debit) to confirm whether or not the transaction went through on that end. If there is no transaction there relating to Ford Millinery, it’s likely we did not receive your order. If there is a transaction with your account, but you did not receive a confirmation from us, please email us immediately at to confirm whether or not we received your order – ideally with a screenshot of your payment confirmation. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


“I am wearing THIS dress… Can you recommend a hat to go with it?”

Umm… YES! This is our favourite thing to do! Chantelle personally gets involved here – as this is most definitely her expertise. Howeeeeeeever, during peak season (right now, sunshine!) we may not be able to get back to you as quickly as we would like. Feel free to email us pics/links to your dress at We will do our best to reply!


“I love Ford Millinery and would lovvvvvve to work for / with you. DO you have any jobs going?”

That’s so nice – thank-you! We are always on the hunt for great people, spanning design, hands-on hat-making, sales, marketing, business, admin and everything in between… We would love to hear from you at, outlining your areas of interest/specialty.


“I went to your FAQ page and you didn’t answer MY question. Sheesh!”

Wow… No need to say “sheesh”… Sheesh! Just email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Ford Millinery designs & creates out of a private studio in Sydney, Australia, accessible by appointment only. To find a stockist near you, email us at

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